Friday, September 25, 2009

Stop the World, I think I have Fallen Off.

It has been a while. My husband is no longer an Atheist. However the other "A" word he still remains. But sometimes we need the "A" around. If something my husband says bothers you (like it does me sometimes) then you have to step back, wade through the verbage, and first say "Does he have a point?" And if the answer is NO......then you can say "that asshole". But if the answer is "yes", then you say "what needs to be done".

If you think you are always right, and always know God's view and need no rebuke from the "A', then you have stopped and smelled too many roses. An always right attitude will screw with you every time.

When we try to put words in God"s mouth.......or rather put our slant on the words already spoken, we are making a mockery of God.

And this is for the person that told me my son was going to hell for saying "Oh Shit" when being hit with mortars on his base in Iraq. (not that you will ever read it.....but I will have the satisfaction of writing it). I grew up in a legalistic Church. I grew up thinking that God may have saved me, but to remain saved I had to dress, act, and do things myself to keep my salvation or that Great Backslide In the SKy would get me. I felt the more rigid and self restrictive life style that I led, the better Christian I was. Mockery. God did not need my long hair, colorless fingernails, holeless ears, dress wearing self to get me into Heaven. Jesus did all that was needed years ago. And you, sir, are very wrong and very ignorant to tell me that if my saved son had of been hit by the mortar and died that he would have went to hell because he said "Oh shit" when he heard it coming in. What a sad and troubled life you must lead. If you need to live a rigid miserable life to feel like a christian, go ahead. But do not dare to tell me that if I do not believe the way you do I am going to hell. Your type has run many people away from the church. And how many times have you left because you felt you could not live up to the standards. God does not need standards to save you. He did what He needed to do. And there is nothing else that needs to be done but to accept.

Now I do believe that you can go too far the other way and think that all things are permissible. This is where the individuality of God's power comes in. God will not work with you the same way He deals with me. For me to say my way is right, or you to say your way is right is stupid. There are absolutes in the Bible that I think we all can agree on.......but there is a lot that is open to interpretation and it is a bit prideful on your part to think that your spin on the Word is correct.

We need to spend more time on "show me Lord what I must do to be saved" than telling others where they are wrong.

And yes, I know that the above statement fits my other half (actually lower, posterior part). He is very vocal in pointing out other's faults. But sometimes in life we need that friend to tell us that our new hair do is crappy, the new outfit makes us look mega fat, and that casserole sucked. Nice isn't always the path. Many times in the Bible God's man told others things they did not like, and did not always do it in a polite way. Go figure.

Be educated enough to listen, assess, determine, and act on what you are told. Of course do not take what everyone says to be will be like a citizen of Jim Jonestown. When you hear something ask "Lord is it you speaking to me?"

We have lost some friends this last year............and I wonder if the friendship was ever really there to start with. Obviously I was the chopped liver in the situation as they got mad at my husband, but cut off communication with me. Go figure.

One last thought......for those that try to make bed partners out of religion and politics.......look for a quickie divorce. God can not be reduced to a political party. He does not play favorites. It is so interesting that those who condemned my husband for speaking bad about "the president" and not supporting say the same type of comments about the current pres. There goes that beam and sliver syndrome. There are stupid people that are Rep and Dem. Some that should never have been elected to office. Then there are those that do not believe the way we do, but make good decisions for our country. I for one do not care if you are a Buddist with 12 wives that refuses blood transfusions...if you can get us out of war, and get jobs back, you got my vote. Go figure.