Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Eagles Have Flown

After rereading the prior blog, I have arrived at the conclusion that I should be ashamed of myself. And if, in fact, I had of authored this entry, I would be appropriately appalled at my actions. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon, or a sneaky oldest son to figure out that a mother imposter penned this prose attributed to me.

Although..........certain stated facts are truthful. I do have 3 sons. End of truth.

These 3 sons are my bragging lifetime achievements. Each one possesses a part of me. For so many years they gave me life. Through them I became beautiful, athletic, funny, popular, smart, adventuresome......I lived moments Iowa farm girls have only imagined.

When the last one left home, I thought my life was gone. I realized that the memories were few and did not fill the void. I agonized over missed moments....things that could have been and were not because I felt other now insignificant things had priority.

My sons have returned to bring me new definition. I am a mother-in-law and grandmother. I pray God gives me time and opportunity to make the memories that I previously missed.

To each of my sons: I thank God daily for the joy you bring me. I am still a bit overwhelmed by the fact God entrusted 3 sons to me. But know this, you make me very proud.

The Eagles Have FLown

The Eagles Have FLown

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Oldest Son: The One I Cherish Most

I am the mother of three sons, but there is only one that I really care about. He is my oldest son, and he is my favorite. The other two are okay, but they would really be better off if they chose another mom, since I don't really care to have them around anymore. If Benjamin, my cherished son, would stay with me all of the time, then I would be so happy.